ModCloth Stylish Surprise…. NOT. It’s Broken.

modcloth early access

Two hours ago Mod Cloth posted some awesomeness! The Stylish Surprise sale where you can get a random Modcloth item for a great deal:

$10 for shoes, $10 for apparel and $5 for cute accessories, THAT IS AMAZING.

So I placed an order but…. sadly either popularity or glitches killed my purchase.

My cart was all ready to go, but order did not process!

Hello aggravation. To make it even sadder ModCloth deleted the sale all together….BUT no worries thankfully they have the customer chat box and a helpful Modcloth representative ensured me that the sale would be back when Mod Cloth fixes the problem.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.12.57 PM

So all you ready shoppers just keep your eyes open… the stylish surprise sale is not sold out it’s just on hiatus.


If you’re new to Mod Cloth join today with this link to get $15 off! 



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